Samsung dishes out v1 2 firmware update for BD-UP5000

In more serious cases, it may be necessary to have the TV repaired by a professional. It can be frustrating when Windows 10 doesn’t recognize your monitor. You can attempt to manually solve the problem by following the steps below. The first step is to open the Settings window by clicking the Start button and typing Settings into the search box. By clicking the Display tab in the System menu, you can find the Detect button. If you use Windows 10, it should be able to detect any monitors or displays that you have on your device.

Select Resolution 5120×1440 or in my case it was already on from last login so did not change it . A Telegram channel may be offering swatting-as-a-service with hundreds of incidents reported… Naturally, power consumption is high, although no worse than the Acer Predator X35 which uses a smaller panel with an FALD backlight. Consumption is also less than twice the Odyssey G7’s despite having twice the screen real estate, so from that perspective it’s more efficient to have one G9 than two G7s by a fair margin. In terms of ports, the key inclusions are two DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.0 input.

Thoughts on the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

I recently bought this monitor in hopes of getting 240 htz. Everything shows that 240 htz is enabled but i dont push anything close to that in warzone im barely getting 130 htz. I even updated the software for this monitor as it had an old software installed. So this monitor is absolutey beautiful dont get me wrong, when it works properly its amazing.

Issues vary depending on the device model; however, the most encountered problems appears to be that Samsung Blu-ray players are entering a reboot loop as soon as they’re turned on . In the Display menu, you will find a setting called Movie Frame . Just set it to On if your display supports playback at 24fps. This menu is also where you set the output resolution. If you experience any difficulty playing your Blu-ray discs, please ensure that your player has an available manufacturer update. If you are still experiencing issues after you update your player, please report your issue in our Contact Us section.

  • For color performance, the Odyssey G9 covers 89% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, in line with the Odyssey G7 and other VA monitors we’ve seen in recent years.
  • They don’t do the proper diagnosis or partially even lack the knowledge.
  • Gamma also seems to follow a flat 2.2 target instead, so some dark scenes are too dark, while brighter scenes are over-brightened.
  • The G7 is calibrated at the factory and the certificate can be found inside the monitor’s picture menu.

Read through these ways and choose the ideal one for you to update Samsung monitor drivers. However, if you are short on time and want an automatic solution, we recommend Advanced Driver Updater. With its help, you can simply update Samsung display drivers & other old drivers and repair any problems caused by outdated drivers.

The included stand can hold the weight of the screen, but it is not firm enough to prevent wobbling when you accidentally nudge it. The good news is that we didn’t see any cosmetic defects or signs of structural weakness on any of its parts. Once you are sure your monitor has this problem, Go to Display Calibration and Characterizationwebsite and Fix the problem for free. There is hope that these issues will be ironed out, but for a $1700 display it is hard to give Samsung a pass. If you are willing to put up with these growing pains, the monitor works very well when you find ways to work around them. All in all, the Samsung C49RG9 an enjoyable gaming experience.

Monitor Review

I was concerned about FPS games and the curve affecting my POV and aim but after a couple sessions I was used to it and it’s performed amazing with its 240hz refresh rate. And lastly, RPG games on this monitor are the very best part of why I love it. The curvature combined with the color accuracy and resolution make games more immersive than any monitor I’ve used before.


Overall if it had a few tweaks, and hadn’t lost the core lighting, i think i’d be willing to bump it up two stars, but i’m expecting the whole thing to die by december by the poor qc. The monitor is beautiful and well made but there are significant issues with the firmware which results in windows not being able to detect it which means the refresh rate is capped at 144mhz. So far, the odyssey g7 has been all that i wanted; except for the ability to display hdr on my xbox one x. The xbox does not recognize the hdr, but the hdr works fine on my pc. I stepped up from a tl monitor, and the picture is amazing on the g7. I was not sure if i would like the curve, most monitors with a curve i have used in the past i did not care for, but the curve on the g7 is immersive and i am enjoying it.

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