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We change the ethics of ordinary studies in K-12 Academics to the fun way of Studying.
Kitaabasthu’s eBooks Comes with a different way of Content inside them which can help students grow in their academics results.

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About KitaabAsthu Team

Founder - Pranay Mishra

We at KitaanAsthu first Plans the whole idea of the Book and then whole idea is transferred to Content Creation Team . Then Content is transferred to the editing team which edits the books and then it is checked by some Teachers and Officials.
After the completion of this process , we publish our books over here at highly affordable prices.

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Book's We Have

We Add New Books to the Store on Monthly Basis.

The Team Members of KitaabAsthu comprises of Board Toppers , Expert Mentors , Teachers and Digital Content Creators.

Content Creators of KitaabAsthu are the Academics Team members of Clarify Knowledge.

After completing the payment for the eBooks, the customers gets the chance to download the PDF of the eBook to keep it with them.

All the eBooks are copyrighted so the piracy of eBooks is totally illegal. If you try to pirate the eBooks your credentials will be traced and then the customer have to pay the decided Fine.

Customer have to pay Rs 100 for the every share. So if they will be found Guilty in pirating eBooks , they have to pay the amount decided as per the number of shares done.

Our eBooks comes up with e-tracing feature through which we can put up a check on the piracy of the eBooks.


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